Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Rather Blustery Day!

Well, today we had a treat was 59* all day! It's going to get back down to freezing tonight, so we decided to get out and enjoy the day! My sister and I went to our towns track and walked a mile (I pushed Jenny in the stroller for 3/4 of it! :-). It was so pretty, and while I'm a bit tired (having been rather inactive the past few months with cold after cold after cold), it was so much fun that we've decided to fit it in more often...I'm hoping for three times a week...we'll see!

It took some "me" time this morning before I got Jenny up. Freshly washed hair, and some trimmed and curled bangs later and I feel pretty! I added some basic makeup and a pretty "new to me" maternity blouse and I felt like a girl again. ;-) Jenny wanted to wear her new blue dress and "pini", so we had fun being dolled up together.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but I had to move the ultrasound to next Thursday, so I decided to go ahead and move the appointment too. So I think I'll get to be home all day. I'm planning on making the final adjustments to the "Catherine's Choice" bodice pattern (lol, adding nursing and pregnancy to my already somewhat hard to fit shape proved to be a bit much for this pattern!), and if all goes well I'll be able to finish up the dress and get a few more cut out. Monday starts with packing in earnest, with sewing just in free time, so I'm really hoping to get at least two more dresses done by Sunday evening. Then, once we find out if we're having a boy or girl on Thursday I'll start on their sewing too. Here's my "first pass" list...I'm sure it will get revised a bit as I go, but it's at least a start! Of course if it's a girl I'll be able to use some of Jenny's things, which will help!

2 dozen flannel burp cloths
10 "sweet pea" style gowns...but with knit for only the top, and flannel or quilters cotton for the bottoms from a simplicity pattern I have (can't find the number...)
aprox. 5 footed suits from McCall's # 9407
5-10 hats
(for a boy- 5 pairs of knit pants)
2-4 swaddling blankets (I'm sort of picky about sizing for these, since we went through so many to find one for Jenny!)
1 "scandi" sling
2 dozen newborn sized flannel pre-fold diapers (to be used with Prorap classic covers)
(maybe) 2 dozen infant sized flannel diapers
2 changing pad covers

I can't wait to get started! I already have most of the fabrics collected in my stash, so it's just a matter of pink or blue and then I can get going! :) I need to scoot and get Jenny ready and tucked into bed.


Lauren Christine said...

Congratulations on your workout! What is the right size for a blanket for a baby? I'm thinking of making one to put away. I'd love your advice! :)

Mama Manak said... cuts are fun! Can you post a picture of your bangs? :)