Saturday, August 04, 2007

An Overview

I have plans for several updates to be made over the next week...but I thought I would add a few notes right now so that you can all know what's going on in my life...

Wednesday I decided that this cold has Jenny and I too run down to make the trip to New York with my family. They were to leave Thursday, but do to some oil pressure concerns they didn't leave until Friday. This worked out to be nice though, because it gave my mom the time to teach me how to can pickles. :-D My grandparents sent up a big box of cucumbers that they we unable to use. So we made my favorite kind of pickles...sliced bread and butter pickles. I think that you normally remove the onions and green peppers that you cook with the cucumbers for flavoring, but we love the way that they taste in there, so we always leave them in. This was pretty much the first time I had canned before. I had helped my grandmother pack jars of tomatoes and green beens before, but I was to young to really help with the rest. I'll post pictures of my pretty jars of pickles in the next day or two!

A few hints of what's to come this week...

A peak at my fabric stash's latest additions and what I plan for them...including a beautiful gray suiting for this pattern: McCall's 5335. The pattern photo doesn't do this jacket justice! Our JoAnn's has one made up on a manikin and it is stunning!

A collection of pictures from what I've been up to lately...including soap making and sewing my "Little House" dress...

A series of pictures I've been working on taking entitled "Everyday Beauty", these are pictures of things and spots around my house that make me smile when I see them...just beautiful everyday things. :)

And my favorite project of late...a little jumper for Miss Jenny...I'm making up the pattern from a few that I have and doing a hand embroidered inset (my first, and w/o directions so we'll see!)...the bodice will be fully lined and there will be as much piping as I can squeeze in!! I'm thinking of making an eyelet underskirt for it, but I may just make a petti-blouse to go with it and make it so that the eyelet border (with pink ribbon woven through!) peaks out at the bottom. It's rather spring-summery, but I think I'll put her in it as long as it fits!! :)

So then...of to work on the afore mentioned projects!!

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