Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A "Ducky" Day...

:D - O.K.-for those of you unacquainted with my sweet sister in law, well, the short reason is that for no particular reason, we call her Ducky. And it is with Ducky that I spent my day. :) She and my sweet niece Charlotte, came over just before lunch for a fun-girly day. After a chicken & pasta salad, we got busy! The girls ran around the kitchen floor seeing how many goldfish-crackers they could throw, drop, smash, steal from each other's "bucket" (as Jenny calls her bowls), drop down the heating vents, grind into the rug, and shovel into their faces, while Ducky and I made soap! It was her first venture into this addictive hobby. As she is expecting her second sweet baby, she is having a hard time finding smells for soaps that do not offend. ;) She made some pretty vanilla scented pink soaps, as well as some unscented (oops! lol) harvest-y orange ones. I made some light blue vanilla scented match my bathroom! So much fun!!

After soaps, we curled up on the sofa and talked fall wardrobes for our busy girls. (Who mostly just fought over whichever toy the other had...) We're going to go to JoAnn's big sale this weekend to see what we can find on sale, and other than that we'll be raiding our stashes, and my rather large pattern collection. We're thinking mommy-made jumpers with turtle necks and leggings underneath. WalMart has some snap-at-the-crotch turtlenecks right now for $3.50 that I'm hoping to get a few of. Last winter I had the hardest time finding these!! It is sooo much fun to talk about sewing, and wardrobe planning, and getting to ooh and ahhh over fabric and patterns with another girl!!

After we got the girls down for their naps we pulled out the really fun part...a new "world of opportunity" for both of WalMart we found some cardboard (?) boxes in the craft department for about $2 each. We found 2 large (9" across) circles, and two large squares. We pulled out the scrapbooking stuff and set to work with paintbrushes and glue! We're not quite finished with these, but they're looking really cute! They will be the perfect addition to our sewing/crafting storage. :) Unfortunately I can't seem to find my camera so I can't share pictures of all of this. :-( I really hope to find it in the next day or two and I'll try to get some up then!

Good evening to all!


Sommer said...

Oh, what a fun day! I would have loved joining in on all the fun:-)

While I'm here, I was wondering..did you find your Amelia Peabody books on tape at the library or do you buy them? I thought it might be a nice way for me to "read" while doing my sewing or other house stuff.

Have a great day!

Lots of love,

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