Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Busy Sunday

Well despite the rain we had a great birthday party for my niece Lottie. Her 1st birthday is this coming Friday, but this was the closest weekend that Zac and Heather could get all the family together. Heather's family was all there, and Omah and Opah even came up for it! It was so much fun to see them. Jenny and I are hoping to run down to their farm for a visit sometime this summer, but we're having to compete with my siblings for a week all to our selves! :)

Opah brought up the toddler bed that he made for me. Jenny's still a bit small for it, but I'm thinking about getting some bed rails for it and maybe then she'll be big enough?? I don't know if she's still at the point of flipping out of it or if she'll just lay down like she does in the crib. I'll put pictures up when I find my camera's so pretty! :) It's very much like the one that he made for my folks when I was the baby. :-D

Well I'm going to run and change out of my party clothes and weed my garden while Jenny's taking her bath. That's her special time with her Daddy so it's the perfect time for me to weed, and I'll do it quick while it's raining out so that the roots will come out too. I'll try to have Eliza send me some pictures from the party...she was more or less the "photographer" so she has LOTS! Oh, and for pictures of her new hair, check out my links section on the left. :) So chic!

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