Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Less Than One Week!!

How on earth did that happen?? I'm nearly done all of the gifts I have to make...I think just three or four more...One for my sister in law, my hubby, and niece...and a bit on my mom's. There's still more wrapping to get done, but not to much...I think I just might pull it all off! :D And next year I will go back to having all of my shopping done by Thanksgiving and being able to just relax and enjoy the Advent season with my little girly.

Yesterday Eliza, my mom, Zelie and Jenny and I went to Harisonburg to see The Holiday...it was a pretty good movie we all thought...probably will become a "staple" girls night movie. We also went to Target where I got the unexciting diapers and onesies that I had cupons for, and the very exciting glittery butterfly scrapbook. It's something like 8.5" x 10.5" or something like that. It's a cute size and I think it will be put to good use after Christmas. :)

Today I have to swing by Curves and go to WalMart for a few things, and other than that it's just home!! Baby Jenny has a nasty cold so I think she'll stay with my mom so she's not exposed to a bunch of new germs...the poor dear's nose hasn't quit running since she woke up!! I just caved and gave her some cold medacine, so hopefully that will help her with the breathing. Well anyway I need to go take care of her...Have a good day!

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