Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Huray For Morning Routines!!

Well, we made it through the morning! The bed is made, I'm dressed and groomed :), laundry is running...I even did my breakfast dishes!! When I factor in the hanging the fresh basil in bunches to dry and finding fabric for my sewing time later I think the morning counts as a success. :) Yay! Now if I can only get Jenny down for her nap...she's holding out today...but she's looking like even her determined will wont hold out for much longer. :)

My goals for the day are to get my laundry folded and put away (all of it!!), finish re-doing my mom's bathroom, and work on my sewing this evening. I'm planning on making one of those skirts with a top of an old pair of jeans and then a fabric skirt on the bottom for house cleaning type events. I still have to poke through my fabric stash and find the "ideal" fabric. I have a pretty rose-y homespun that I think might be pretty. I'm also debaiting whether or not to just do one big skirt, or do tiers...well, either way I will post pictures when I'm done. :)

Until later,
Tilly (who hasn't had her tea yet this morning)


Dee said...

Very nice start to a blog. Reads cleanly, and will be a lot of fun to follow. Keep adding new material, and I'll make time to have tea and read it each morning!

Anonymous said...


It is looking good !! Your little one is soooo cute !!

I have linked your page, I will stop by often.

Much love and blessings.
Pat (from the group)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tilly...your daughter is lovely. You have been busy this morning...the skirt you plan to make sounds lovely. Is the pattern public domain? If so would you mind sharing? You can come see my blog (I've been neglectful lately though) http://www.homesteadblogger.com/3157joyfulhouse/
I look forward to getting to know you better at Kindred Sisters... God bless,

Sommer said...

Hi Tilly~

I like your blog and I look forward to popping in again :-) You did get alot done with a 4 month old(not always easy to do with a 6 and 3 yr old either).
I'd love to see your sewing...I need to get myself into a routine of sewing. My eldest is growing out of everything and I can sew....hmmm...inspiration.

Sommer(from Kindreds...)

MamaManak said...

Cool Blog and pictures! Keep posting them! :)